Corciu&Asociatii - best negotiation team in complex transactions.
Corciu&Asociatii assited us during 10 Mil Eur sale transaction. Their proffesionalism and experience protected us in this very disputed and negotiated transaction, that was successfully completed due to their creative and business oriented way of providing legal support.
Thank you, Elena Corciu and your team.
Kerbler Gunter, former shareholder of Solproiect SA
Practice areas
Legal Advice on Public Sector Relations

Every company operating in Romania needs to maintain a close professional relationship with the public sector. The public sector is not only related with the government as an authority, but also as an active participant in the economy as a consumer, a supplier of goods and a service provide.

The Law Firm activity in this field focuses on the relations between public and private bodies and inter-administrative relations, from the administrative law standpoint, concentrating on the advice of both public entities and Romanian and foreign private entities.

Our Law Firm advises private bodies (Romanian and foreign natural and legal persons), in particular on the drafting of statements of claim and applications to the public bodies of the central and local administration, assisting with the ensuing administrative procedures, on the drafting of tenders in pre-contractual procedures, assisting the tenderers in the various stages of those procedures, in particular, during the negotiations; advises on land use planning and on the preparation and implementation of development projects, residential, logistic and industrial projects with the Central and Local Administration; advises on administrative and legal actions and administrative offence proceedings, in particular of an environmental and town-planning nature, as well as on matters involving regulated sectors.

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