Dear Elena, I wish to write to express my satisfaction with the services that your Law Firm has been providing to Asmita Gardens Srl. The attorneys working at "Corciu & Asociatii" Law Firm are most creative and ingenious Romanian Lawyers, able to find a simple and very efficient legal solution to whatever challenge is placed in their hands, thus settling in 3 weeks an issue usually settled in up to 3 years in a trial in the law court. This Firm certainly lives up to its motto of "A Practical Vision of Law". Thank you for your ongoing and continued professionalism.
Richard AK Baron - Chief Operating Officer - Asmita Gardens
Practice areas
Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers

Corciu & Asociatii has extensive experience in the structuring, negotiation and implementation of integration transactions, and has participated in many acquisitions projects in Romania. With highly regarded expertise in legal and regulatory issues, our team has established a proven track record in managing mergers and acquisitions, including working with industry experts, financial advisers, and overseas parties.

Our experience comprises of advisory and transactional work in the following core areas: business structuring, finance structuring, capital formation and shareholders arrangement, mergers, acquisitions, business transactions and agreements. We help clients to establish business structures, such as joint ventures, start-up ventures and offshore funds in other European countries. The Law Firm assist clients in many different aspects of these transactions, advising the clients in due diligence procedures, in structuring the transaction, in drafting agreements and ancillary documents and in closing M&A transactions.

Acquisition of controlling blocks of shares in Romanian companies is requiring knowledge and experience of local corporate legal specialists. Because each target company is unique, there is no standard approach. That is why our lawyers provide a comprehensive analysis of alternative corporate in light of the client's specific goals.

Strategic investment is often structured around real property, and sometimes land plots. Together with our real estate specialists, we can set up turn-key operations on industrial greenfield sites, from land right allocations and construction permits to the finished enterprise, fully commissioned and ready for use: turn key projects.

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