Dear Elena, I wish to write to express my satisfaction with the services that your Law Firm has been providing to Asmita Gardens Srl. The attorneys working at "Corciu & Asociatii" Law Firm are most creative and ingenious Romanian Lawyers, able to find a simple and very efficient legal solution to whatever challenge is placed in their hands, thus settling in 3 weeks an issue usually settled in up to 3 years in a trial in the law court. This Firm certainly lives up to its motto of "A Practical Vision of Law". Thank you for your ongoing and continued professionalism.
Richard AK Baron - Chief Operating Officer - Asmita Gardens
Practice areas
Litigation Lawyers and Dispute Resolution

During the years, Corciu & Asociatii has earned a very good reputation for excellence in complex high-stakes, high-profile business disputes, including civil, commercial, insurances, labor, construction and bankruptcy cases. Our lawyers have represented clients as insurances corporations and institutional clients and investments founds and all the other both Romanian and foreign clients in very complex claims with high values.

Hiring a lawyer or attorney should not feel like handing over a blank cheque. Every commercial or other kind of dispute should be approached from an economic perspective, and should be analyzed for total costs, likely results, risks and time before any decision is taken to proceed.

Commercial disputes are business problems to be solved, not just cases to be won, and litigation tools are only one set of options. A multi-disciplinary approach focusing on early resolution, combining legal strategy with business strategy and with rigorous financial analysis, can lead to solutions of even the most difficult problems at a cost that is proportional to what is at stake.

We provide our client after the hearing session with a detailed report on the outcome of the trial, the allegations of the parties, the decision of the Judge and anything else of material importance. All allegations are reported to our client, even if the law procedure is an oral one and every step of the process is communicated to him to ensure that he is properly briefed about the status of the case.

Our services, among others include assistance and representation in:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Real estate and construction disputes (including on FIDIC contracts)
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy disputes
  • Conciliation strategies and procedures
  • Insurances disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Consumer protection
  • Corporate disputes

We provide legal assistance and representation for all levels of jurisdictions:

  • First Instance Courts
  • High Courts
  • Appeal Courts
  • Supreme Court of Justice
  • European Court of Justice
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