Corciu & Asociatii represent the ideal lawyers in critical situations. They are the only ones who obtained for bauMax a result otherwise considered impossible to be achieved in the necessary deadline, result without which bauMax had nothing else to do than postpone the launching of 2 stores on the Romanian market representing an investment of 30 Million euro.
Dr. Alexander Frech - General Manager, bauMax Romania
Practice areas
Legal Advice on Environmental Law

SCA "Corciu & Asociatii" is proud to count amount its area of expertise also the environment law.

In Romania this area of expertise is based mainly on the Environment Law (i.e. the Government Ordinance no. 195/2005 regarding the environmental protection).

Among others, the legislation stipulates that certain activities are subject to prior authorization and follow-up monitoring. It governs soil, water, and air quality, as well as management of residual and hazardous materials, hygiene of buildings and public places, and rays and other energy vectors. A number of regulations stemming from the Environment Law also spell out certain standards in various sectors of activity.

Our practice in dealing with the legal ramifications of environmental issues was developed right along with the increase in government regulation and industry awareness.

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