Dear Elena, I wish to write to express my satisfaction with the services that your Law Firm has been providing to Asmita Gardens Srl. The attorneys working at "Corciu & Asociatii" Law Firm are most creative and ingenious Romanian Lawyers, able to find a simple and very efficient legal solution to whatever challenge is placed in their hands, thus settling in 3 weeks an issue usually settled in up to 3 years in a trial in the law court. This Firm certainly lives up to its motto of "A Practical Vision of Law". Thank you for your ongoing and continued professionalism.
Richard AK Baron - Chief Operating Officer - Asmita Gardens
Practice areas
Debt Collection and Foreclosure Lawyers

Our debts recovery specialized attorney are having the entire legal know-how in order to protect and enforce our client receivables rights and to insure a fast and fully recovery of all the debts. Our expertise is aimed at advising, negotiating and implementing transactional structures, legal and practical solutions that effectively address our clients' goals: debts recovery.

The attorneys undertake the debt recovery process for commercial clients on a competitive basis. Our debt recovery attorneys can organize pressure on debtors at all stages of the collection process.

Our services, among others include assistance and representation in:

  • tracing debtors
  • sending letters before action
  • issuing and serving court proceedings
  • issuing and serving statutory demands
  • enforcement of judgments
  • winding up petitions against limited companies
  • bankruptcy petitions against companies
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