Corciu & Asociatii represent the ideal lawyers in critical situations. They are the only ones who obtained for bauMax a result otherwise considered impossible to be achieved in the necessary deadline, result without which bauMax had nothing else to do than postpone the launching of 2 stores on the Romanian market representing an investment of 30 Million euro.
Dr. Alexander Frech - General Manager, bauMax Romania
Practice areas
Legal Advice on Conflict Mediation and Resolution

Every commercial or other kind of dispute should be approached from an economic perspective, and should be analyzed for total costs, likely results, risks and time before any decision is taken to proceed. Based on this, we as attorneys are communicating to our client the possibilities that he have in respect of a potential litigation: either to find a negotiation solution either to go in the court or both of them.

In almost all cases, we try to reach an understanding with the parties involved in order to save time, costs and finally protect the interests of our client.

We obtain ourselves opinions / information /confirmations from technical, fiscal, financial and other experts as and when necessary, after which we propose a list of real and pragmatic options to our client. When the particular option is selected, we undertake its rapid implementation.

With the client's mandate, we sign the approved contracts with the banks, administrations, contractors and so on.

Working in this way, we take up from the client the burden of time and energy, leaving our client to focus on the big issues of his project.

Before and after every step of the negotiations, a detailed Progress Report is provided to the client in the preferred language and format, in order for him to have at any time the entire control over the negotiations procedures.

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