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Corciu&Asociatii assited us during 10 Mil Eur sale transaction. Their proffesionalism and experience protected us in this very disputed and negotiated transaction, that was successfully completed due to their creative and business oriented way of providing legal support.
Thank you, Elena Corciu and your team.
Kerbler Gunter, former shareholder of Solproiect SA
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Claim Resolution Lawyers

One of the biggest risks in purchasing Real Estate in Romania is that there could be claims on the specific property. For this reason, as part of our due diligence, we go back to the roots of the particular case and the very beginning of its history which may be as far back as the beginning of the 20th century. In this way we can detect existing or potential claims and trials on the particular property.

Uniquely in Romania, we do cross-verification of the documents provided by the seller with all documents available in local or national authorities. We further try to obtain ourselves all missing necessary documents and information from the local or central authorities, not only to complete the necessary documentation, but also in order to deliver to our clients a complete file for subsequent transactions.

As a general project scenario, we adopt the following steps:

  • Present such claims to the client, from whom we then obtain a mandate to work on the claim/trial
  • Meet with the claimants; in case of a valid claim, we negotiate with them and try to find a solution that could include a purchase of the rights of the claim. In case of an invalid claim, we take the necessary steps to remove such claim from the property and deliver a "clean property" to our client.

Before and after every step in the procedure, a Progress Report is provided to our client in his preferred language and format. In the last 5 years, we "cleaned up" claims on properties with a value in excess of € 500 mn.

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