Corciu&Asociatii - best negotiation team in complex transactions.
Corciu&Asociatii assited us during 10 Mil Eur sale transaction. Their proffesionalism and experience protected us in this very disputed and negotiated transaction, that was successfully completed due to their creative and business oriented way of providing legal support.
Thank you, Elena Corciu and your team.
Kerbler Gunter, former shareholder of Solproiect SA
Practice areas
Bankruptcy Lawyers and Restructuring Solutions

In the last 3 years, as more and more developers and enterprises have used and not reimbursed credit or did not paid their suppliers or the taxes and this default have conducted to a high level of increase of the insolvency and bankruptcy rate.

There are many options and legal solution for dealing with the problem of restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy. If the restructuring or insolvency or bankruptcy is the right solution depends on the facts of each particular situation.

Most restructuring engagements are highly complex and require a significant amount of creativity, so we work with our clients and their financial professionals to develop strategies that advance their business interests and preserve and create value. Also, we follow the same procedure in case of Insolvency and bankruptcy.

It is very important that a restructuring or bankruptcy case be filed and managed correctly by the attorney in charge. The rules and deadlines are mandatory and a mistake may affect a debtor's rights or can create an advantage for him, in case such mistake is due to the creditors.

Our Law Firm is assisting and representing the clients, both creditors and debtors, in restructuring and insolvency proceedings, in amicable settlement of the disputes in order to avoid the bankruptcy, in offering support for the conception and draft of the restructuring plans and engagements and follow of the procedures in order to insure the collect of the debts and recover of all the amounts owed to our client.

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