Corciu and Associati have been instrumental in resolving issues in several of the projects that Charlemagne Capital was involved, where other legal teams could not cope. By getting their hands ‘dirty’ and piecing the whole puzzle together by gathering information, establishing contacts relevant to the case and understanding the motivations, pressures and interests of each stakeholder Corciu were able to positively surprise us every time. As institutional market participants, we needed representation by board compliant and western recognizable legal firms, but when we were at a loss, we called Corciu. In several instances where solutions seemed to be unidentifiable or improbable, Corciu through its dogged persistence presented us with several.
Dennis Selinas - Property & Private Equity, Charlemagne Capital (IOM) Limited
Practice areas

"Corciu&Asociatii" is dedicated to practicing law by having a practical vision and approach of the law and this allows us to excel in both business practice and litigation.

In business, we execute strategic transactions, restructure business units, resolve complex disputes, undertake financing transactions and implement corporate measures. We proudly serve as a trusted and always available adviser to a variety of companies including start up, middle market and international corporations.

We also take great pride in our skills as trial lawyers. With thousands of trials to our credit, we've built a reputation for excellence and efficiency in the field of litigations.

Our personalized attention, competitive prices, and an effective and creative approach allow the firm to provide added value to our clients.

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