Corciu&Asociatii - best negotiation team in complex transactions.
Corciu&Asociatii assited us during 10 Mil Eur sale transaction. Their proffesionalism and experience protected us in this very disputed and negotiated transaction, that was successfully completed due to their creative and business oriented way of providing legal support.
Thank you, Elena Corciu and your team.
Kerbler Gunter, former shareholder of Solproiect SA
Clarificari in cazul Patriciu

We have been serving our clients' interests for 20 years now. During all this time, we have learned a clear and powerful truth: all clients are looking for the simplest and most practical solutions to their projects.

Due to our practical approach to the interpretation of laws, we identified new and innovating legal solutions. Although it may sound rather vain that we have been able to influence the interpretation of laws in several instances, the proof stands in the fact that our partners and many competitors chose to use our methods.

A PRACTICAL VISION OF LAW is our method and it is this method that helped us gain our clients' trust over the years.

Crisis Resolution
Our strengths
  • A holistic approach to projects
  • Creative legal structuring
  • Full execution of contracts including counterparty negotiations
  • Management of conflicts and settlement or litigation
  • Rapid assessment and resolution of crisis situations
  • Practical and business-like approach to legal issues
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